My name is Maria Petrescu and if you’re here, you probably already know what I do.

I was born in Romania and have been living in Milan, Italy for the past fourteen years. I have obtained the Italian citizenship in the summer of 2014, a long story that I will be writing about in these pages soon.

In 2011 I co-founded the project, a crowdsourced interviews project that allowed anyone to choose someone to interview and send the questions they’d like to ask. During its two years of activity, the project collected about 200 interviews and countless contributions from users and external collaborators. If you’d like to see them, go ahead and check them out in the “Interviews” section.

In real life, I am a social media strategist and content editor in a London based web agency. In my spare time, I love books and opera, studies about communication and media, culture and its evolution… which is why you will find book reviews, opera insights and more in the Blog section of this website.

This project is my attempt to bring together all of these different aspects of my life in a coherent and cohesive manner. Hopefully it will enthusiasm you as much as it does me.

But let’s be honest: any website that wants to stay afloat must find a way to economically sustain itself. There are many projects out there, many startups looking for investments, bloggers looking to get a fee on product reviews, or those who get paid a few bucks for an elaborate blog post or article on fancy online magazines. Not to mention those who rely on advertising just to break even.

The point is I cannot do this without your support.

So if you do like what you’ve read and watched and experienced on this blog, please consider a donation: it will help me continue to bring you the awesome content you love.

Thank you!